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What is the BCA Coaching Advantage Program for Leaders?
The Business Coaching Advantage (BCA) for Leaders is a program that is designed for leaders who want to bring a coaching approach to their leadership role. The program draws on the content and approach from PDLG’s ICF and WABC accredited Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program ™. We work with organizations to customize our “leader as coach” program to fit their context, culture and time frame for delivery.
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Target Group

Who is the BCA Coaching Advantage Program for?
• Leaders/managers/supervisors whose role includes supporting and coaching their staff to develop
• HR Partners, OD specialists and trainers who support leaders and learners in their development

This is also for everyone with responsibility for managing a Sustainable process – senior managers and departmental managers; managers with process management responsibilities; project managers from private companies and public organizations.


What does the Coaching Advantage Program for Leaders provide?
This program is a coaching skills training program complete with a coaching model and set of practical coaching tools. The program offers a comprehensive, practical and intensive learning experience to enable
participants to competently and confidently practice a coach approach.

This program:

  • balances solid theory of business coaching with skill development, practice and application;
  • explores how to develop people in the context of the challenges they face in this ever-changing world;
  • is interactive and experiential
  • is personally and professionally impactful.
  • Participant Experience
  • Learning experience (face to face or virtual) that is highly interactive
  • Teaching approach that blends exposure to frameworks, models, tools and skills with engaging experiential activities and practice
  • Program structure that includes self-directed study, allowing for paced learning and deeper exploration


Impact and Outcomes:
A personally and professionally impactful experience with focused learning that helps participants gain confidence, capability and competence by making shifts at several levels, including shifts in the participant’s:
Intentions – what am I trying to bring about through a coaching approach?
Attention – what do I need to pay attention to?
Mindset – what is the leadership and coaching mindset conducive to this approach?
behaviours and practices – what do I need to do differently, more of to be effective?
Skills – what do I need to get better at to be a coaching leader?

Practical information

We can also deliver this training program as an in – house program in your company.

Language: English/ Danish/Norwegian

Date: Because of the Corona situation, we will unfortunately have to postpone this training until fall 2020.




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