Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Coaching takes place at the intersection of the leader’s inner and outer world. Leaders are, almost by definition, responsible for shaping and changing the outer world in ways that deliver concrete results and benefits. How the leader sees and responds to the outer world can not be separated from the inner world of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and more “(PeopleDynamics Learning Group, Canada)

Do you want space as a professional to immerse yourself in looking at yourself in the leadership role?

With us, you will be strengthened in your personal leadership through increased clarity and insight.

Typical issues in a Leadership Coaching process

  • Management and implementation of change
  • Managing relationships – employees, colleagues, management, customers
  • Awareness of own unique identity as leader
  • Increased insight into own personality and the role of leader
  • Personal authority in the leadership role
  • Realization of new potentials and ways forward
  • Life situations, personal choices and cardinal points in life

In a coaching process with us you will be given the opportunity for personal coaching where you, in cooperation with your coach, create a confidential free space for reflection, challenge and new ways forward.

As a leader of yourself, you choose which issues you want to work with. We can work with concrete situations and issues as well as with curiosity and new perspectives for your personal development in the leadership role. The choice is yours.

We would also like to take on a mentor role if both parties agree that it will be beneficial. It is important to point out that we separate the coach role and mentor the role sharply so no misunderstandings arise. A thorough talk around respective expectations in the start-up phase is therefore crucial. We also involve the use of different personal tests if desired.

If the company you work for is involved in the process, and has some specific objectives with your process, this will be included in the agreement between the company, youself and us.

Contact us at tel. +45 70 20 60 72 or at info@insightleadership.dk if you wish to book a time or learn more about the benefits you could have in participating in our Leadership Coaching & Mentoring process.

A lot of our individual coaching is done on the phone or on Skype, because it is often more practical and easy to fit in, in your busy schedule. And we promise you that you will experience the same good results as if you were sitting with us face to face. We often suggest to take the first meeting face to face because this helps make subsequent Skype and phone meetings more meaningful.  Then, after the first meeting you can mix the face to face meetings with telephone meetings as you wish.

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