Conversation with Intelligence

“Conversation with Intelligence” is also offered as a customized course for 1-3 days, designed to your needs!

Our programs are for managers, project and process managers who use coaching and mentoring in their daily work and for internal or external coaches, mentors and consultants who want to bring their own skills to the next level. Everyone who has a common desire to create better results by developing more intelligent conversations in the organization.

“Conversation with Intelligence”

An interactive and practical 1 day program that focuses on the key elements needed to hold more effective and meaningful conversations within organizations that support, develop, and create necessary changes within organizations.

Who is this course for?

This program is for managers, consultants, coaches and mentors who wish to develop their communication skills as leaders.

What is the benefit of participating in the “Conversation with Intelligence” course?

You will be able to have more effective conversations which will lead to more effective actions and improve your employees work satisfaction.

Why is it important to master the conversation?

Because we are in the middle of a shift at work, a shift away from command and control leadership, towards a new, more cooperative way of working. The new style is characterized by being relationship-creating, focusing on creating common goods and communicating, collaborating and contributing more.

Collaboration is now at the heart of how work is done and managers must be cooperative and they must have the skills to create a cooperative environment.

Cooperation is the key to:

  • Energy-based thinking
  • Creative, innovative solutions
  • Productive cooperation
  • Improve employee collective intelligence better

Effective conversations are the foundation for good cooperation. Without a high level of meaningful conversation, it is simply not possible to create the type of collaboration that is necessary to cope with the challenges of today’s workplace.

What does the course “Conversation with Intelligence” contain?

  • A conversation – model that will change the way to hold conversations.
  • A handy toolbox to raise the level of your conversations
  • An engaging and interactive experience that creates learning and practical experience.
  • A greater awareness of where your conversation skill brings the desired results and where they do not.
  • Skills and exercises that guarantee you will be better at holding meaningful conversations.

How does this program create change?

“Conversation with Intelligence” engages the participants in a learning experience that will help them improve their ability to hold meaningful conversations by being more aware of how we can consciously make mental shifts at different levels during the conversation:

  • What shift in your intention you can make to enhance the efficiency of your conversations.
  • How you consciously use your attention in the conversation to achieve better focus and results.
  • Concrete practical ideas for what shifts in behavior you can do to make better use of your conversations
  • Which settings / mindset creates effective relationships and conversations
  • Learn new communication skills and learn how to optimize their use through increased attention

Developing the meaningful conversation creates benefits such as:

  • Common understanding
  • Greater trust
  • Effective cooperation
  • Better compliance
  • Stronger relationships
  • Smarter decisions
  • Better results
  • A healthier communicative working environment

“Conversation with Intelligence” is not only “nice to have” It is a necessity in modern future management!

This program has been developed by PeopleDynamic Learning Group Inc. from Canada, and INSIGHTLEADERSHIP is their representative in Denmark.

The leaders and designers of this program are internationally recognized experts in conversation. We have decades of experience working with organizations across the globe to enhance Conversation Intelligence ™ in the workplace. We are known for crafting impactful shared learning experiences and creating a collaborative climate where people are inspired to stretch and grow.

At PeopleDynamics Learning, our purpose is to support the unfolding of human potential, in ourselves and in others, for the good of the whole. Our approach sits on the foundation of both a set of aspirations that drive us and the mindset that underpins our approach to learning and leading in this world”

  • We strive to be a positive force in the world.
  • We aspire to be mindful in how we engage with the world.
  • We aspire to live with a deep sense of our interconnectedness with humanity.
  • We envision a world where people collaborate effectively to create a brighter future.

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