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Jens Christian Aagenæs CEO

Jens Christian Aagenæs is an associate coach with PeopleDynamics Learning Group and our collaborator in Scandinavia representing the PDLG Advantage suite of programs.  With almost 20  years as a change management consultant and executive coach he brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to his work as coach and consultant.

He has a rich background in business including the role as International Sales and Marketing Manager for 10 years within B2B Export sales, Change Management Consultant for 17 years for the Scandinavian Management Consultancy Mantec, and Managing Director and owner of INSIGHTLEADERSHIP.IVS delivering big coaching projects in Scandinavia for international companies for 12 years, such as Shell, Ericsson and Trine Industries, to change the way the leaders communicate, to a more including way.

Jens Christian is a passionate leadership coach and has great human insight and ability to be present, listen, be curious and at the same time, challenge leaders to think more broadly and deeply.  He asks the necessary provocative questions that inspire own creativity to think about alternatives and innovative solutions. One of his primary areas of interest is sustainability and supporting leaders through change processes that aim to create a sustainable organization and that think sustainability into all processes. Jens Christian works with leaders to help create powerful intentions and a develop a future oriented mindset considering both their own development and the development of the larger interconnected whole of the organization and beyond.

Jens Christian started his professional coaching journey taking his first coaching certification with CTI in Los Angeles. Desiring to work fully as Business Coach, Jens Christian became an Adler Certified Professional Coach and has earned his professional designation of Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. He has delivered coaching projects, mainly in Scandinavia, inspiring 2500 leaders to bring coaching into their leadership.  He has also delivered one full coaching certification program in Ukraine, to support them as leaders to communicate with a more coaching mindset.

Jens Christian lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a truly international, speaks fluently English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish and coaches clients and delivers training programs in these 4 languages. In addition he speaks German and have studied French at the University of Aarhus.  

“If you want to build a ship, don’t gather the people to pick up timber, make tools or delegate tasks – teach them the longing for the open sea.”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry from la Citadelle (1948).

INSIGHTLEADERSHIP’s International Partner

We are proud to present PeopleDynamic Learning Group INC. From Canada and their two flagship programs, “The Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program ™,” and the “Coaching Advantage for Leaders™” program”.
We are also proud to represent an organization within coaching and communication on such an advanced level as PDLG, who has been a front figure within the research in this field for more than 20 years. These programs will support the development of a more sustainable approach to leadership and communication.

The designers and leaders of these two programs, Melinda Sinclair and Dorothy Greenaway, are internationally renowned experts in Business Coaching, Coaching Training and Leadership Development. They recently published the book “The Leadership Coach’s Advantage: A Guide for Practice”, which quickly became an important reference in coaching. Together they have over 40 years of experience in developing managers and manager coaches, and have spent the last 20 years traveling around the world to facilitate groups, coach managers, and train and be mentors for hundreds of coaches who wanted an ICF certification.

They are known for their amazing abilities to create dynamic learning experiences, and create a collaborative learning environment where one is inspired to be challenged and grow.

To create sustainable growth, we are dependent on our leaders having the right intention and mindset. We need managers who can communicate with the deliberate intention that they want to create a more sustainable future for our planet, and to direct the attention of businesses in that direction. A future where leaders lead others by inspiring them to lead themselves.” Insightleadership

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