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“If you want to build a ship – do not gather your people to collect the timber, develop tools or delegate the tasks – teach them the longing for the open sea.”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry from la Citadelle (1948).



Learn to lead in the right direction

To create sustainable growth, we are dependent on the right intention and mindset of those who lead. We need leaders who can communicate with the conscious intention of creating a more sustainable future for our planet, and lead the attention of the organizations in that direction. A future where leaders are leading others, by inspiring them to lead themselves.

Jens Christian Aagenæs Director INSIGHTLEADERSHIP, Executive Coach & Mentor and Career Advisor for Business professionals with an academic education – background. He draws on his practical experience from 20 years as Change Management consultant and Business Coach. His focus has been to support leaders in change processes to succeed in their leadership role. Jens Christian has several thousand ICF approved hours as Coach and Executive advisor for leaders going through change processes both professionally and private. He is a ICF certified Business Coach PCC.  Read more about Jens Christian´s background here.

What can you expect from Jens Christian as Coach, Advisor and Mentor?                     

He has through his many years as Change Management consultant and Business Coach got a vast insight and understanding for what challenges leaders are sitting with when they are leading change  processes. You will experience that he recognizes your situation.

Jens Christian has a deep human insight and ability to be present, listening and at the same time challenging you. Asking the challenging questions that inspire your own creativity to think in new alternatives. The choice is yours, you will have to take the necessary steps yourself.

Frank Stott is associated with INSIGHTLEADERSHIP as an external teacher and mentor. Frank is currently a Business Development Manager in an international company and is an active member of the Board where he draws on his long experience in management and IT. An experience that has been built for 15 years in the Armed Forces, from which he has a training as a Line Officer. In addition, 20 years of experience from the IT industry, with focus on sales and marketing, in international companies where he has also been in management positions. Throughout his working life, Frank’s focus has been on developing people and their potentials, partly through sales and management training, but also through coaching and mentoring. Areas where Frank has conducted, planning, implementation and evaluation of the entire process, both for companies and individuals.

In addition to management training from the Armed Forces, Frank’s background is an ICF Business Coach Certification (ACC), an Executive MBA from Henley Business School, as well as an HD (Informatics / Financial Management) from CBS. Read more about Frank Stott´s background here.

INSIGHTLEADERSHIP´s  International Partner                                                                           

We are proud to present our international Business Partner People Dynamic Learning Group INC. from Canada and their two communication programs, the Business Coach Training Program Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™”,  and their Leadership Program ” Conversation with Intelligence”

Designers and leaders of these two programs, Melinda Sinclair and Dorothy Greenaway, are internationally recognized experts in the field of Business Coaching, Coaching training and developing leaders. They published recently the book ” The Leadership Coach´s Advantage: A Guide for Practice”, that quickly became an important reference within coaching. Together they have over 40 years of experience with development of leaders and leadership coaches, and have for the last 20 years travelled around the world to facilitate groups, coach leaders and to train and be mentors for hundreds of coaches that wanted an ICF certification. They are known for creating dynamic learning experiences, and creating a cooperative learning climate, where you will be inspired to be challenged and to grow.








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